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August 21, 2016

The August Break #21: Today is ....

.... what would have been our tiny
daughter's 18th birthday. On this day
in 1998, Ciara~Rose Kennedi quietly,
without taking a breathe or opening
her eyes, slipped into our arms and
melted our broken hearts forever.

In her memory, and in memory of
her older brother, Bretton~Elijah Lucas,
we created our organization to help
other parents cope with this unique loss.

Ciara~Rose Kennedi did not get
the opportunity to grow beyond
the day of her birth, but our centre
has grown by leaps and bounds.
We are proud of her tiny moment
in our life and her legacy for others.


Penny said...

Oh Chy, so sad ro read this, and yet full of admiration for you and your husband, how you have honoured your beautiful daughter and son's brief moments with you by aiding and enabling others to deal with this heartbreaking loss. Sending love to you X

Chy said...

Thank you Penny. It's a tough month but our love for her helps us get through. I truly appreciate your kind and compassionate words. X