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August 27, 2016

The August Break #22: Squares.

 A bit of a break as I was battling a
little bug. Still not feeling all that
great but I can function somewhat.
I'm writing in bed this morning, all cozy
and warm. We'll go out later today.

I had a hard time with this August Break
photo challenge prompt. Every time I'd
take pictures, because of the angle, it
wouldn't look like a perfect square. So
I went into my picture archive and came
across this shot of our old house, just 
after we had replaced the flooring in the
laundry room. Again, these are perfect
12" x 12" inch squares but my wonky
camera angle makes them look very
elongated. Hope you can see they are
square and lovely to look at. Our tenants
were very happy to see the new floor.
And so far, it's holding up very well.

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