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August 7, 2016


Although we don't yet have a big
garden full of perennials, we do
have 2 acres full of these sweet
smelling and pretty wildflowers.

I know in the city, they'd call these
weeds. But out here, they grow wild ....

.... and free and are so abundant. I love
looking around and seeing great color.

We have no plans to weed wack these
down, even once our gardens are in.

They'll continue to border our property
and we'll smile when we see them sprout.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I have been known to decorate with "weeds" In fact a friend and I are threatening to set up and photograph seasonal mock"weddings" using only roadside greenery and blooms/

Chy said...

I love the variety of all the colors along our walks in the woods. I have no idea which ones are weeds and which ones are actually flowers but have discovered a new movement where weeds are no longer cut down but allowed to grow freely. I like it!!

Liliana said...

I use to pick it and dry on top of my closet. Then at Christmas make a bouquet and use it as a decor. It was so long ago! Perennial thoughts!

Chy said...

Love your idea Liliana!!