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August 13, 2016

The August Break #12: A Secret.

My post today for the August Break
photo challenge is about a Secret.
The issue I've had with this post is I am
by nature, not able to keep secrets!! My
birth sign is Sagittarius and that is one of
our traits. So my family and friends know
everything! Even on my blog, I speak and
write totally from the heart, truly without
any improvising or making things perfect.
Hard to take a picture today about a Secret.

I'm using this photo of my dh's popcorn
stand in our theatre room. Now this was
a Secret! I ordered it online and it was
shipped to me within days and then I had
to figure out how and where to hide it.
My girls helped out and even put it all
together so that when he opened it, he
wouldn't have to construct it. It was
on sale for an amazing "can't believe
it price" and it wasn't red!! Those who
read my blog know that red and I do 
NOT see eye to eye. So the black color 
and the vintage look were perfect. The
biggest obstacle? To keep my giggles
at bay and not spill the beans. That was
a very hard task for this non~secretive
individual! But I did it and he loved it.
I then vowed to never, ever do it again.

Have you ever had a hard Secret to keep?
Are there things in your life you'd like to share?


Penny said...

What a super interpretation of 'a secret'. Great gift too. I love planning gifts, it gives me a huge amount of pleasure. X

Chy said...

It's so hard for me to keep it quiet! I love secrets too but the anticipation drives me crazy!! X