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August 10, 2016

The August Break #8: Favorite Taste.

Food and I have a very tumultuous history.
From anorexia to extreme food allergies,
we have not always been friends. But
now that I have some avenues for relief,
I'm beginning to enjoy the process of
not just eating but also cooking. Now
I can actually make a list of foods that
not only can I tolerate, but I enjoy. Some
I even crave! All new for me. For this
photo challenge, I took a picture of the
soup we make often. A comfort, with
lots of pieces to enjoy, different flavors
and textures ~ chicken tortellini with cheese
and peas, carrots and herbs. So yummy!!

What is your favorite taste or favorite food?
Do you have tastes or foods you dislike?


Penny said...

Sounds like you have had a long and painful journey to find foods that ypu enjoy Chy, and I wsh you pleasure with every mouthful you now take. This soup looks so homely and delicious. X

Chy said...

Food is getting easier and I'm enjoying eating a bit more now. Thanks for your comments today Penny! X