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September 30, 2014

I feel like a Star!

Hi everyone!

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on TV today, so I graciously said yes and am so glad I did. The emails and registrations are poring in and the donations as well. Such a sad and difficult subject but we're so excited we can promote the work we do and provide a beautiful, healing day for all to remember their precious babies, together. Once I can figure out how to download the clip, I'll add it in here. 

And how was your day?


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Looking forward to seeing the clip and good luck with the walk.

Chy said...

Thank you Betty! Still trying to figure out how to add it to my blog. :)

Penny Miller said...

Well done for taking on the challenge! All for such a good cause. Look forward to seeing the clip X

Chy said...

Still can't figure out how to get it on to my blog. I have it all over Facebook but transferring it here is proving to be a challenge! Will keep trying.