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September 3, 2014

Re~Purposing an old Crib!

Hi everyone!

We are in the midst of getting rid of the things we don't need to move to the new house. Things that have been sitting in our storage room. Things that are no longer used. Taking up room, taking up the air. We're far from being hoarders but we still have accumulated a few extra items over the years. 

Two items that are crowding our storage room are the two cribs we've been storing. Our first crib was a Jenny Lind that we scrimped and saved for. However, our little one preferred her cradle and our arms and this beautiful crib became a great place to store folded laundry! In time, the new laws made the crib, never used by our children, not safe, so we took it apart and stored it away. A few children later and it was time to buy a new crib when we started our dayhome. Our littles would sometimes sleep in the new crib for a nap here and there, although they, like their older sister, preferred the cradle and arms, and eventually, a big, warm, cozy, family~filled bed. The dayhome babies loved it and it became well used but still sturdy and well made, so we hung on to it after we closed up shop. Now we have two incredible, wood cribs and no use for them at the moment. We can put them both out on the curb for the large item pick up in a few weeks. Or chop them up and use the wood for the fire pit. Or give them away ~ except you're not supposed to do that do to the new regulations. 

That is, until I found some Pinterest ideas tonight! Here's what I've decided now. For the Jenny Lind crib, with the beautiful turned spindles, we'll paint it a lovely shade of light pink and set it up in the guest bedroom. More for decoration than for use, it will give the feeling of comfort and serenity. The walls will be a light shade of sage green, with pink accents. 

The second crib also has turned spindles but it has a bit more of a clean, new look. We'd love to turn it into the porch swing shown below for our front veranda:

There, decisions made! We'll keep both cribs, bring them out of storage and re~purpose them both for new uses. No throwing them into the landfill or storing them again. New uses for old stuff!

Have you ever re~purposed old furniture?


Penny Miller said...

Absolutely wonderful ideas! So nice to hold onto treasured items and find a new use for them X

Chy said...

Aren't these neat ideas Penny? Now I'm excited to try them out.