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September 14, 2014

Sweet reminder!

Hi everyone!

When we chose to have our family at a young age, we knew then it would mean our early lives would be very frugal. Having at least one parent home with our little ones and later as they were older was important for both of us. We managed to have me home for 20 years, then my husband came home for 6 years while I was the main bread winner. It was hard at times to not be able to just buy anything we wanted but we knew then, like we know now, that life is not about what you have but who you are. 

The poem above was always a favorite of mine and a sweet reminder of why it was crucial for us to spend time with our children. Memories and experiences were more important than things and still an important fact for us today, even though now, we could buy anything we wanted to. Our kids never did without, but sometimes what they wanted was a lesson in waiting and re-evaluating. I hope they carry this through the rest of their lives. And raise their little ones with the same mission!

Have you seen this poem before? 
What does it mean for you?


Penny Miller said...

Hi Chy, I love that poem too. I think it was an American Scout leader who wrote it as part of a bigger essay...but I could be wrong! X

Chy said...

I'll have to google it and see if I can find the source. Thanks for the idea! Have a lovely day.