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September 22, 2014

Being Thankful!

Hi everyone!

I am thankful on a daily basis for this life. A loving family, warm home to live in, a vibrant community, health that is not perfect but manageable, a job I love and the freedom to choose in a country that is alive and thriving. Occasionally, I miss a moment and have a bad day and then question life in general. Something always brings me back to the very core of life. And being thankful is always at the top of that very long, well thought out and beautiful list. 

Today, it was a huge wake up call for the thankfulness in my life. Our eldest daughter, with grace and courage, is now formally divorced and the proud single mama of our first born grand baby, Mr. B. He travels down south about once a month to visit his dad. Often it's cancelled but this weekend, the dad was getting married again, so it was important that B attend. Mom and dad meet half way between both communities and the hand off takes place smoothly each time. Today, she was driving back home after picking B up and on the same highway that a huge accident occurred. So large, both big cities sent trauma life helicopters to the scene. In total, 7 people were injured and taken to hospital, some by air and some by ambulance. We realized when we heard the  news that our daughter and grandson were on that highway at that time. Texting and calling netted us silence and we were soon a bundle of nerves. I began to panic and of course, having already lost 2 children, I began to prepare for bad news. Just as I was about to burst with anxiety, we heard the sweetest voice come up the front steps, calling our names! They were finally home, safe and sound, and late, because they had to pass by this tragic accident. Somewhere tonight, families are hurting but I will admit, having done our time, we are so thankful our daughter and grandson were not part of that incident. I hate they have to travel down that road but this is part of life now. I know I'll never get used to it. But today, I'm thankful all is well and our wishes for a safe journey home were answered. Our babies are here, tucked in snugly. It's all I could ever ask for, to have my kids grow to old age!

Were you thankful for something today?


Penny Miller said...

Thoughts with the families of those injured Chy, totally understand your relief getting your family home safe and sound X

Chy said...

We learned today that there are serious injuries but no fatalities. That was a relief. And it was a single vehicle with 7 people crowded in to it, with most thrown from the vehicle because they were not belted in. Sad.

Brandi said...

So glad to read that your daughter and grandson are safe. Having lost my parents in my 20s it seems I'm always preparing for the worst. I hate that my mind always goes there. So sorry for the loss of your 2 other children. Thank you for sharing your story.

Chy said...

Oh Brandi. I am so sorry to learn about the loss of your parents at such an early age. I'll be thinking of you often!