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September 6, 2014

Slightly Embarrassing!

Hi everyone!

In the midst of our ongoing packing saga, somewhere along the way, despite all my careful planning and check lists, I have inadvertently packed a box that now looks like this:

Yup, that's right! I have no idea what great items are in this box. I forgot to label it when I was packing it. Came back an hour later and poof! Gone out of my head. I could probably just open the tape to see what's inside, but in the moment, thought it would be more fun to leave a cryptic message for whoever ends up opening this box in a few months ....

I am embarrassed.
And I'm sure you've had a bit of a giggle!!

You're very welcome.
Happy to oblige!!


Lorrie said...

Too funny! Packing is a huge chore. Think of the fun you'll have opening the box.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie! We were trying to guess what is inside, especially because it's so heavy. We'll wait until we've moved and can record the "big reveal"!