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September 1, 2014

Woolly, warm socks!

Hi everyone!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!! Today started out a bit cloudy, then the sun came out for a bit, then it drizzled, then it was sunny, then it rained, then the sun came out and finally, the clouds settled and the cool air drifted in. Leaves have been falling all over our back garden, creating a blanket of autumn colors. 

Definitely a day to wear some woolly, warm socks and a sweater over my summer shirt. Not sandal weather ~ a light book kind of day. We ventured into the city to attend the last boot sale of the day. I'll write about that soon. Then into the Antique Mall for a little look around after we put our new found treasures into the "boot" of our car!. Inside, we found a few more items that we just couldn't pass up. Picked up a dear friend who was coming over to spend the afternoon with dh to watch the Labor Day Classic ~ a traditional football game between the two big cities in our province. I'm not a football fan, so it was lovely to have the guys occupied while I puttered around the house, reorganizing the kitchen cabinets now that the counter tops are installed.I set up a new packing "zone" and did more purging. Dd and I ventured out to make copies of the sign up sheets for school tomorrow and then we popped in to the centre to feed the class pets. Home to stir the chili that had been simmering all day and baked some biscuits to go with dinner. After dinner, our dear friend and dh drove off to get T home. I've got a sink of dishes to tackle and then the plan is to settle in to watch a movie or show for a bit. An evening to put our feet up, now toasty in woolly, warm socks and relax after a weekend of painting, purging, packing and planning. 

How was your long weekend? 
Were you productive and relaxed throughout?

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