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September 8, 2014

Snow Day!

Hi everyone!

Yes, the title of my blog post today is correct. Today was a Snow Day. As in, white, fluffy flakes fell from the sky!

It didn't stick and now it's just raining. But I did have to put the furnace on for a bit, I'm wearing two sweaters and my winter slippers are keeping my little toes toasty warm! 

I don't ever recall snow in September before. Hopefully the predicted warm weather returns by Thursday, as promised. 

So how was your day?


Cheapchick said...

22 degrees here in Comox but hubby just flew to Edmonton yesterday on business and I just got off the phone - he was whining pretty heavily about your current 3 degrees :) I don't miss the early winters there AT ALL (sorry)

Lorrie said...

Lovely and warm here in Victoria - I picked tomatoes and raspberries. Today I'm making salsa.
We were in Alberta last week. Glad we're back now. Stay warm and cozy.

Chy said...

Thankfully Cheapchick, the snow melted right away. We're now expecting temps to hit the mid 20's by the weekend. The rain has been lovely and life is still green here. But Calgary? Whole other story!!

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie! It's getting better!!