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December 29, 2013

Writing a Book.

For years, I've had a story in my head that started as an idea and has grown into what has become a movie in my brain. Driving me crazy at times as it swirls about, gaining new characters, scenery changing much like ours does in real life. I find myself sometimes sitting at a red light, wondering if my main character would sit her car the way I do, with my left hand steering, my right hand on the stick shift, music on, sunglasses on top of my head. Does she make lists as she drives, sing along to the music, or marvel at the beautiful countryside? I think of her often and finally decided last year to put this story to paper. That's my first chapter up in the picture. First chapter of a real book.

Yes, a book!

I'm midway through now and although I don't write daily, I am loving the process. I have no idea if what I'm writing is intriguing enough for anyone to want to read it, but I truly need to get it out of my head and the only way to do that was to write it out. My dh, the film maker, read the first chapter and immediately declared it needs to be a movie! Lovely man, my guy. I told him that it feels like a movie in my head and as soon as I said it, felt silly but he got very animated and started talking about how we could shoot it and where.


We'll see. For now, it's a way to keep my creative brain functional beyond my work. For now, I have a title, a plot laid out, characters defined and plug away as the story unfolds. What I don't have is a concrete ending. The primary reason for that is because the big factor with this story is the ethical and moral dilemma that faces all the characters. And in the end, it truthfully comes down to a "what would you do" scenario. That is where I'm stuck. I'm sure there is more than one possible solution but for myself, it is clear there is the right ending and the wrong. I can't decide which one to choose. So for now, the ending sits. 

Maybe I won't know which one I'll choose until I get to that chapter. 

Once it's all said and down, or in this case written, then I'll have to decide what to do. See if a publishing house will consider it. Or self-publish. Or tuck it away in  my archives, never to be read by anyone. Or do as my husband suggests and forget finish writing it the traditional way and write a screenplay instead. 

Can't wait to see what I end up doing in the end!! Today was a perfect writing day, with the snow falling from the blustery sky, my dh at a hockey game with his bestie, my younger dd upstairs cleaning her room and taking a nap, and my other dd out of town for the weekend with our grandson. Chili simmered in the crockpot, a mug of gingerbread white hot chocolate soothed my throat, our pup nestled his body up beside mine and snored the afternoon away, while my fingers clicked and clacked across the keyboard. I changed a character's name, added some details to one paragraph and created new content. Not a quick process but one that unfolds as it needs to, when I feel like adding to it and so far, I'm happy with my work. 

Do you have a book in your head? 
Or better yet, a movie?

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