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December 31, 2013

Back to School!

Starting to make plans for 2014 and one thing I may do is return to my studies. I graduated from Ryerson University in 2010 and thought I'd take just a year off before doing more but my job exploded and I haven't had a chance yet to get back. Now that things are more settled and life is moving along, I'm starting to look at taking some classes again. I don't need to as I'm at the top of my profession at this point, but I love learning and want to keep going, even in small ways. Right now, I'm looking at Art Therapy or Stillbirth Doula classes for 2014. My employer provides some funding each year for us to continue in our chosen path and we're allowed to carry these dollars over for a second year. I didn't use any in 2013, so I have a nice chunk sitting there for 2014. Right now, half of my Art Therapy program would be paid. Or the full ride for the Stillbirth Doula Course, with money left over. Lots to decide!

Have you returned to school over the years? 
What did you take and did you enjoy the process?

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