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December 27, 2013

Out our Front Door!

We've had great weather for the last 1.5 weeks, with temperatures above 0 Celcius and melting, diminishing the big snow banks. Warm and wonderful for our break from work. But today, the sun didn't shine, the wind picked up and our temps went from +4 to -12 in a few short hours.

The view outside our front door as the storm started.

Snow falling in the back yard.

Chilly garden!

Tree branch blew down onto the grass snow!

Warm and cozy inside with a view to the garden.

Christmas lights to keep our family room bright.

For dinner, home made chicken soup
with warm, soft biscuits.

I made a double batch so we have lots for the 
weekend. If we get snowed in, we're ready!!

Did your weather change drastically today?
How do you stay warm inside?


Lorrie said...

It's been pretty mild here for the past week or so. Yesterday (27th) some rain fell, but this morning is clear with a touch of frost. I don't think there's any change in the forecast.
Isn't it lovely to stay warm and cozy indoors when it's chilly out? Soup is so comforting. We're having some tonight.

Chy said...

I am not a fan of cold weather but do love when it arrives that we can stay inside and be cozy. Today is minus 30ish with the wind chill and the next few days will be the same but with the New Year, warm temperatures are on their way!!

Love soup. We had leftovers today and it's even better the second time around. Tomorrow is "chili-making day" and that will keep us warm for the rest of this cold snap.