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December 31, 2013

Tension Gone!!

After cleaning the house today in preparation for New Year's Eve and creating a little corner in my art studio to sort through our tax documents to be entered into the computer, I decided to try and call CRA aka Canada Revenue Agency. The computer crash has been a worry and I'm not sleeping well, upset that I'm getting behind. I was going to tackle all of this next week but because it's creating tension in my life, decided to at least try to call and see if I could settle myself down. 

Imagine my great surprise to hear a very friendly voice at the other end on the afternoon of New Year's Eve. I thought perhaps they would be closed a bit early but my call was answered by Nick and he was wonderful. I explained my dilemma, telling him I'm worried and not sleeping well and he reassured me that there is no time limit on what I am trying to do, to set it aside until we have our system back up and running, and best of all, to sleep well tonight knowing I have nothing to worry about! 

What a great relief! I still have some work ahead of  me and will create my own deadlines but the absolute relief in knowing that there is no time limit and I have not breached any regulations is so freeing. 

Can't wait to sleep well tonight! Thank you Nick!!

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