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December 30, 2013


Our desktop computer crashed last month. Not a big deal, as we barely use it, except that our taxes are on there. Taxes for past years and stuff we need for this year's upcoming filing. A friend of ours came over one night and retrieved everything off that he could get for now. He found most of our documents and pictures but wasn't sure if he got it all. Put it on one of our external hard drives so we could start going through it all to see what survived. We may still need to take it in for a complete clean where the hard drive will be opened up. Til then, we're trying to piece together the tax info we need. 

Tonight we decided it was time to see where we're at for retrieval of the files. I was so excited to see all our video files and pictures are there! Documents that are important to us are there too but not sure if we found them all. The tax stuff was hard to find but then we found a file he had put everything in to. Some we can see and some are still not open for us as the disks for each tax year from the program we use have been upgraded, so I need to call the software company to see what to do. I may have to go back to our paperwork to gather all the documents that were used to create each file and start over. Or take it all to an accountant! Ugh, I hate stuff like when we're so very careful with our funds. But in the end, I just need it all fixed so I can stop worrying about it and being so tense! After all this is done, a holiday may be in order to unwind from the stress!! Even just a little weekend away to celebrate the end of it all once we have it all sorted!

How do you handle stress like this?
Any tips you can share?

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