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December 28, 2013

Christmas Reflections.

We were both so sick for most of November. Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, was not helpful as we fretted about getting better quickly so we could enjoy the fun of the season. Slowly, very slowly, we improved. And then we got a bit panicky! Thankfully, online shopping, a first for us at Christmas, saved us! We found almost everything on our lists and at very reduced prices. Delivered to our front door, it was an amazing way to get it all done. Definitely going that route again. Thankful we ordered in November and our parcels were all delivered by the 1st week in December. No panic, cost savings and the best use of our recovery time. We had bought our wrapping paper and tape last year when it was discounted so low after Christmas, so we were well prepared for taking care of the gifts as they came in. Easy peasy this year for sure!

Groceries were easy as we picked a day and time that we hoped the line ups would be minimal. We were surprised at how quiet it was. The next day, all our friends and many family members were complaining on Facebook about not being able to find a parking spot and standing in line for an hour, so we definitely picked the best time to go out for fresh food.  No line ups, no jostling for a parking spot, no bad tempers, no worry, no stress. Pure bliss!

Christmas itself was relaxed and cozy. I spent the day before cleaning and organizing, purging and donating. I love to have a home that is altogether for the celebration. It took a little longer but we got it all done! My mom arrived late in the afternoon on Christmas eve and we made homemade pizzas for dinner. Then it was pyjama time, games, coolers and ales, chocolates, cookies, good cheer and laughter! We stayed up late, slept the  morning away and stayed in our jammies for the rest of the day. Christmas gift opening started around 1 p.m. and lasted for quite a while as we ate brunch in between opening a gift or two, marveled at our stockings and shared memories. Dinner was cornish game hens, bacon wrapped asparagus, corn, fresh biscuits, salad and gravy. Delicious! Easy to make and fun to eat.

We drove my mom home later that night and then went for a drive to see Christmas lights. Found a few great areas that we will have to take our grandson too once he is home from his little trip away. 

Overall, this was perhaps the most relaxed Christmas we have ever had. No big deadlines,  no fussing about a big dinner for the entire family, no getting all dressed up and no meeting the needs of others. For once, it was just us and as much as we love all our family, we really needed to do Christmas this way for this year. We are having another celebration on New Years with our grandson and the great grandparents. Looking forward to seeing our extended family that day. 

Today, we basked in the continued glow of family and relaxation time together. Soon, the busyness of life will catch up with us again, but for now, there is no time to watch, no stress to manage, no deadlines to reach and no one to answer to but us. 

Love and peace to all during this
time of reflection and renewal!

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