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December 6, 2013

Brrrr .... It's cold outside!!

I'm sure this is a sentiment shared by most communities across Canada and the U.S. today! Freezing here, with a current temp of -30 degrees Celcius. With the windchill, that's a chilly -42!! Thankful that I can work from home. So appreciative of a work environment that offers this kind of flexibility. I don't have to worry about traveling in to the city. Working from home for me is much more productive anyway. I get too easily distracted by my co-workers, so being on my own means more work is done, in a shorter period of time, without the fatigue-causing drive down the highway. 

The only time I truly need to go out is to take B to preschool this afternoon. No snowfall just cold air, so driving is okay. Loving my winter tires!! Can't believe the difference already. So glad we made the investment this year for my car so I can be less housebound on those icy days. Looking forward to Monday, when we're promised a very balmy -10!!

Wishing my blog readers from all coasts of 
North America today a peaceful, hopefully 
an at home day, snugly and warm. 

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