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January 1, 2013

New Day, New Year.

We slept late today,
woken only by the sun
that was desperately trying
to get thru our blinds.
It peeked between the slats
and shone into our eyes.
Thinking it was around 8 a.m.,
we were shocked to
discover it was after 11.
The house was silent, a rare
thing in a house with a child.
So we snuggled back down,
turned on the tv low
and dozed as we
watched reruns of the
M*A*S*H Christmas and
New Years episodes.
At 1 p.m., we finally got up,
showered and
came down to play.
Our girls,
grown up and normally
well adjusted,
were both extremely grouchy.
Toddler was running around
in only a diaper,
making a mess of a
very tidy house.
After a beautiful holiday season,
it was not how we
wanted to start the New Year.
One is just two and
not used to no schedule.
One is getting a cold
and her throat was sore.
One is getting a divorce
and her ego was hurt.
Our reaction to
this turn of events?
We made ourselves some lunch
 and did up the dishes.
We put on our jackets
 and went out in the sunshine.
We drove to the fabric store
 to indulge in the big sale
but decided to not shop as the
 lines were out the door.
We then drove down the
lane to the small drugstore
and picked up popsicles
for the sickie,
a dvd that dh had wanted
 for a long time,
on sale for just $6 and a lottery
ticket for the next 10 draws.
Took a bit of a drive,
got some gas and came home.
Everyone had gone back
 to bed for a nap.
Good move on their part,
 as I may have had a few things to say!
But instead, I mopped the floor,
 tidied the family room
and then we went back up to our room to
snuggle up for the rest of the day.
Enjoying the sun as it
shone thru the window,
the warmth keeping the mood light.
Oldest dd woke with baby,
discovered we
were not in the kitchen preparing dinner
 and took baby out
to get groceries and their dinner.
Younger dd woke from
her nap and discovered we were not
in the kitchen preparing dinner
 and made her own.
We snuggled in bed with chips and dip
and yogurt and berries and watched tv.
They both eventually came in to
say goodnight, lighter in mood
with their tails between
their legs. Without words,
they knew we weren't
participating in such nonsense
 and hopefully
that's the end of the grouchiness.
In the past, we would
have addressed it and gotten
 in to arguments but today,
we both decided that silence
was the better tool.
Not the way we envisioned
our day but in the end,
a lesson for those
who reside in our house.
And tonight, the house is warm,
quiet, clean and back
to the peace we are used to each day.
How was your first day of 2013?

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