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August 18, 2022

Life and Love.

This guy and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary today. I had to work in the morning but he drove to my hospice for lunch and we had a lovely meal at the Rebel Cafe. Kind of a chic spot, with an outdoor patio. With long, warm days and tons of sun, it was another great day to be outside. We drove back to our little hamlet and did some shopping and then headed home to relax. Great dinner, cards and gifts to open, and now we're all cozy in bed watching "Game of Thrones" in prep for the new series to start soon. That show never gets old! Anyway, our day was full of reflection and memories, and good wishes from our family, friends and co-workers. Tomorrow is a day off but full of appointments and tasks. Our air conditioner stopped working, so we have the repair guy coming in the morning. And doing my mom's banking in the afternoon, stopping at my other office to pick up bins of supplies we need for my event next weekend, and then stopping to get a quick dinner to take home. No plans tomorrow night yet. Saturday is a full work day for me while dh will be off at a remote radio broadcast to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of our radio station. I guess we can call this a bit of an Anniversary Weekend full of life and love.

                                    ~ Chy


Linda said...

Oh, my!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary!!
I do so admire you and the work you are doing...it takes a special heart to do what you do.
God bless you both as you travel forward in Life together......

Marie Smith said...

Happy anniversary!

happyone said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.