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June 20, 2020

Saturday Night Sun.

I love the sun that streams in through
our lace curtains at the end of the day.

It filters and flits about the rooms on
our main level. Starting in the turret,
then moving around to the living room,
the hall, then ending in the dining room.

It hits the dining room, then comes
 the doorway and the butler's pantry.

By the time it starts to move further in
to the kitchen, it is setting behind the
trees that are to the West of us. This
bit of light is just for a short time before
the sun is gone for the day. The moon
comes out and off to our bed we head.

So many things I love about our little
cottage in the big woods. But when
the sun hits the walls in the morning
and then moves around the house for
the day, those are the moments I love
to capture. I hope you love this too!

~ Chy


Ellen D. said...

That is lovely! I never have thought to watch how the sun moves through my house. You have a beautiful home and I appreciate you sharing it with me! How lucky you are! Thanks!

Debi said...

You have such a lovely and inviting home.