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February 27, 2018

Foggy Morning.

Often my writing desk in the turret is filled with sun at this time in the morning. But today, the clouds have come in and the fog has formed. It's supposed to be super warm today but it was cold last night so I'm sure the cold and the warm met and are duking it out up there in the atmosphere. I can hear the melting happening outside. Will have to take a little walk later. We made sure on the weekend that all our downspouts and the hose from the rain barrel are all set and ready for the water that is beginning to flow off the roofs. It's going to get noisy.

I have today off and I'm still in bed, cozied up and reading emails, blogs and my book. I plan to get up soon, have a nice, warm shower and make some lunch. This afternoon, I promised dh I'd whip up a banana/chocolate chip loaf for his meeting tonight at our house with our film crew. A little tidying and a load or two of laundry. And then the big job for the day .... gathering up our receipts (all in envelopes already and labeled) for our accountant so we can get our taxes in before we go away at the end of March. Taxes must be filed in Canada by April 30th, so we have lots of time but our accountant is a busy lady and I want to bring them in to her in the next week or so. Fingers crossed we won't have to pay any additional taxes this year. Our first year with our rental house last year was a bit nerve wracking at tax time but we had done enough renos and had enough deductions, that we ended up with a lovely tax refund. We've always done our own taxes but last year with the house and our investments, it's getting a bit complicated. I'm so glad now that we hired her as she worked her magic and it benefitted us well. This year, we didn't have many renos and I got a raise, so I'm now a bit nervous but we bought our RRSP's yesterday and upped our amounts, so with those tax deductions and our receipts, I'm hoping we'll have enough that we either get a refund, or we're right were we need to be (no refund, no additional taxes to pay) or if we do have to pay, it's modest. Wish us luck! I'm off to get this day going. The morning was lovely to sleep in and have no schedule. But now I've got to get back to reality and have a productive afternoon. Have a sunny great day!

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