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February 18, 2018

A Day of Love.

Valentine's Day is a time to show extra love to those
in our lives. A fun day to be expressive and creative.

I've heard some grumble that we shouldn't have to have
a day to show love, when we should show it every day.

I agree but it's still fun to have this special day. I baked
cupcakes for my loveys, wrote beautiful words in sweet
cards, chopped up veggies to make homemade soup on
a rainy and slippery day. And enjoyed the gifts of love.

My dh remembered I had shown him an ad for Bailey's
Irish Cream in a brand new flavor for a limited time .... 
Strawberries and Cream. I then promptly forgot about
it but he didn't. And it took some hunting to find this
new treat. When he finally found a shop that had it in
stock, they only had one left on the shelf. We're sipping
it slowly and loving the smooth flavor. Hope they make
it a regular on as it's soooo good and warms the soul.

How was your Valentine's Day?
Did you have fun expressing your love?

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