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February 26, 2018

The Next House.

At some point down the road, we'll build a new house again. This house, that took us so many years to get off the ground, has been an amazing experience. But now we're excited to do it all over again. Finding the right piece of land will likely take quite a bit of time. We're not in a big hurry. But I have started to gather photos and ideas in a file for reference. The picture above is one that popped up on my feed tonight and is now safely tucked away in the file. I LOVE the oval window on either side of the front door. We have 4 oval windows in this house .... 2 in our Master, 1 in the hall and 1 in the garage. I love the character but these ones have so much more. In my few minutes of spare time here and there, I'll try to find the source and add that to our list as well. Exciting to think about all the planning and decisions to make again. 

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