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February 23, 2018

Homemade Soup.

It's sunny and warm and melting today but I had to post my "homemade soup" thoughts. When we first moved in to our country home, the weather was hot and muggy and sunny and all we wanted to eat was salads and fruit outside on the deck. At the weather began to change that Fall, I had to learn to use our AGA and get used to gas cooking. I started small with baking, then rice, then casseroles and finally full dinners. But my favorite has been creating homemade soups. This has turned in to a weekly event, even in the warmer months. We keep some leftovers from our lunches and dinners on the weekend and then on Monday morning, I start simmering and chopping, throwing in to the mix whatever is in the fridge and sometimes digging in to the freezer. A mosh posh of everything and anything. Once it's all in, then I let it simmer for quite a while until it's nice and thick and then make biscuits for dinner. On Monday night, after we've had our fill for the day, I then divide up the last bits for lunches throughout the week. Last week was cold and this was my lunch and after work "warm ups" as I call this little soup containers. Perfect midday but also for those times I'm home early and dinner is still a ways away. Yummy and easy. And a good way to use up leftovers.

Do you make your own soup from scratch?
How do you use leftovers in your fridge?


Granny Marigold said...

I make soup the same way, using whatever is in the fridge in the way of veggies and adding lentils or barley. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow; today I'm baking bread.
It's snowing today with the expected amount for Abbotsford being 10 t0 20 cm but by next week we're back to rain. Hopefully the weather will be nicer by the time you head this way.

Chy said...

Thanks for sharing Granny. I'll be thinking of you when I make soup on Mondays! X Chy