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April 23, 2017

Our Sweet Boy.

Every year on our sweet boy's birthday, we
celebrate the brief moments we had with him.

Losing a baby is an extremely helpless experience
and there is nothing we can do to make this better.

But for one day each year, we can share, laugh,
cry and remember his birthday. We can wish
for all the things we would have loved to
have done with him. The future we didn't get
and the past that is empty of memories. We
say his name every day and we talk about
him often but it's his birthday that makes us
smile at the same time that it makes us so
very sad. We are thankful for our family
and our caring baby loss community who
do not turn their backs on our grief and our
love for a sweet tiny boy named Bretton.


Lorrie said...

Hugs to you, Chy. I have four grandbabies who were lost before they could be named, and sometimes the grief overwhelms me. My daughter and her husband have their moments, too. I'm thankful for the one little daughter they have. She is a miracle blessing. May you be comforted as you remember your sweet boy.

Chy said...

Oh Lorrie, I'm so sorry to learn about your precious grand babies. Holding you in my heart as you remember each sweet baby. X Chy