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April 17, 2017

We Finally Did It ....

For a while now, we've been thinking about leasing a booth at our local Antique Mall. For the two of us, it's not so much about making money, though that would be great. It's more about an outlet for the fun we have in searching for "treasures." We love to venture out to local thrift stores and sometimes even a garage sale or two. But there really is nothing we need. Our home is filled with people, love and just the right amount of treasures that we've had fun finding and restoring or gathering. We truly do not wish to clutter our home. We love the open, airy feeling we have created. Having a booth would give us "permission" if you will to continue to hunt for treasures but not for our home ~ to fill our booth with treasures for others to buy. Smart idea for the "hunting" fun we have.

Because we love to do projects, a booth would be an experience the two of us could work on together. B loves to restore and refinish furniture. I have now perfected the art of chalk painting. I sew and have some ideas for creative items to make to sell. We have items we've collected over the years that we're ready to part with. So on the weekend, we applied for a booth at the mall. We knew the wait list is at least a year, so we've settled in for the wait. But excited that down the road, we'll have a little place to fill and restock and dream about. We've talked to a few vendors at this mall and they are impressed with the staff, the owners and the ongoing, consistent advertising and promotions to attract customers. It's always busy there and the fact the wait list is long is a good sign. Looking forward to our project!

Do you enjoy Antique Mall shopping?
Have you ever had or considered a booth?

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