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April 30, 2017

Rain and Ducks ....

It was fairly sunny here today, until later
this afternoon. Then the sky got dark, the
clouds moved in and the rain fell. Not a
lot, just enough to make things wet again.

Then, as quick as it started, the rain stopped
and the sun came out. The wind died down
and all was well again. After a busy day, we
decided to go to bed early. And guess what
came back? The rain, the wind and the dark
clouds. The sound of rain is so cozy feeling.
Tonight, however, the rain is being drowned
out by the sound of ducks quacking. It's very
loud and actually keeping us awake right
now. Real world problems, I know. My dh
said he much prefers the sound of ducks vs.
the sound of cars going up and down the
street. I totally agree. I will take this "noise"
any day when it comes from nature around us.

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