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April 30, 2017

Waiting ....

.... for our gates. I can now truly say that the building of our home was the easy part. The "after" stuff has been the challenge! We had to wait for our fridge doors, we're waiting for our builder to return to fix some small but truly needing attention deficiencies and now we are "patiently" waiting for our driveway gates to be finally installed. It was supposed to happen last week and then the snow/raincame. Now it's drying up and today was to be the day. But our gate guy's son fell and ended up in ER with a head injury, so it may not happen at all today. I feel so bad for him but am also frustrated that delay after delay is now filling the space that became empty after the fridge fiasco .... I hope that it will go in this week as we need to start our landscaping and this is holding things up a bit. Once they are in, I know we'll be happy and also feel extra secure with the added measure of locking gates. We may even take a holiday one day now that our country home will be super secure. I'll update soon, I hope, with a picture or two of our gates, with the fleurs de lis on top.

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