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April 6, 2017

LHITBW Anniversary.

Today is the 85th Anniversary since
the first edition of the "Little House
in the Big Woods" was published,
the beginning of an incredible series,
written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My
favorite books when I was growing
up, it was an honor to create my blog,
with a slight twist on the true name, to
share our lives in our little house in
the big woods! I'm happy our kids,
especially our girls loved reading my
old copies, so much so, we had to buy
a new set just to keep up. Not long ago,
we came across our editions and have
now tucked them away for our little
grand babies so they can enjoy one day. 

Did you enjoy the series as a child?
Which book was your favorite?


Penny said...

I loved the Little House series, and like you enjoy finding old, pretty copies of favourite books. To be honest I thought it would have been more than 85 years since publication . X

Chy said...

I thought it was older than that as well Penny. Maybe because Laura wrote from her childhood experiences, which were much earlier than 85 years ago. Still my favorite family books to read. X Chy