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April 9, 2017

Twelve Days Update ....

You may recall I booked off time from work to use up the last of my 2016 holidays. I chose Spring Break and with the weekends in on either side plus my regular days off, I ended up with a total of 12 days to rest, think, create, sort, enjoy and project. I'm back at work now but so happy for this time and thankful for an employer who is so accommodating. I also took time away from the organization I created and continue to do contract work for. Bonus time off so I could truly rejuvenate my body and my soul. Time to see if I tackled my to do list ....

* gather all the documents for our taxes
* set up time with our accountant
* move boxes, then paint the art studio
* paint then reorganize the mud room
* paint then reorganize the laundry room
* paint then reorganize the storage room
* take bottles into the bottle depot
* revise chapters in my book project
* visit with a dear friend next week
* learn how to make a bracelet
* put wicker furniture on veranda
* organize one section of the garage

Looking at the list, you can see I didn't complete it 100%. However, lets review what did happen. Our taxes are ready to go to the accountant but she was away when I called, so now on my Monday to do list is to contact her tomorrow to set up our appointment. So pretty close.

You can see I accomplished lots of reorganizing. I actually went beyond whats on the list. We revamped our dressing room, cleaned out every drawer in the house, took in boxes and bags to the charity shop, and sorted closets. True Spring cleaning! The painting of these spaces didn't happen. However, a ton of painting did take place. Confused? Read on my dear friends.

One of my hopes was to take some time to learn how to chalk paint old furniture and accessories. Not on the list but a task that ended up taking a lot of time that I thoroughly enjoyed. I ended up painting an old hutch for our kitchen nook, two mirrors to hang over our bathroom vanity, a small chair, a plate rack, a high chair, a small vanity and matching bench, a wall shelf and a dresser shelf. On a shopping trip this past week, we picked up the wax to finish each project. I'll be posting pictures once that final step is completed. 

I'm glad I got sidetracked as the chalk painting was so much fun and I feel so excited about finally learning how to refresh old pieces. Maybe in time I'll start to gather pieces to refinish to sell. But for now, it's been fun to go through our stash and remake them over. Hoping the waxing goes well. It's the only part I'm worried about. 

I still have 4 weeks of holidays left. No plans just yet as I'll be coordinating with dh's holidays as well. We're hoping this year to get away for a little break. Since moving to the country, we haven't really felt like we needed a holiday away from here, as it feels like every day is a holiday out here! But it would be great to take some time to explore a tropical or eclectic destination. 

Do you have any upcoming holidays you're planning?
Do you like to use time off for projects or just relaxing?


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Well that was quite a long list of to-do's, and congratulations on ticking most of them off :)
I'm retired now, so everyday is a holiday .....*giggling*.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend dear friend.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Chalk paint looks really good. I have a couple of pieces for the lake place that I intend to paint using that method.
We just got back from a long weekend in NYC with 2 more trips planned for May. Then I am going to be ready to plant here for a while and get into serious yard and house mode.

Chy said...

Thank you Jo for your lovely comments. Retirement seems so far away and yet it's starting to creep up on us. I'm glad we're doing many things now instead of waiting until then but I'm sure we'll still have a long list of dreams for that time in our life. Happy Easter, dear Jo! X Chy

Chy said...

Anne, a trip to NYC sounds so exciting! Your plans sound great. Can't wait to see how your planting goes. I'm inspired by everyone's plans! X Chy