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April 29, 2017

Discouraged. Hopeless.

Very happy to wake up to sunny blue skies today. After more than a week of clouds full of snow then rain, this bright sky is truly a welcome sight. 

Yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted to crawl back in to bed and pull the covers over my head and forget about the world. A few little things added up to a feeling of despair. I felt hopeless. I felt discouraged. Enraged even. Our organization that we started 20 years ago is in need of funds to expand our centre. We've been actively writing grants and seeking dollars and some of our efforts have been successful, including one quite large grant that will truly help in our progress. But one grant that we had not written for over 10 years was not successful and it really brought me down. Not because we were turned down ~ I actually didn't have any hope that we would get it because of past attempts (hence why we hadn't written one for so long). It was the off wording in our rejection letter that really took my day down. First it was not addressed to me properly (over sight, not a big deal) but then details about our centre and who were are were very incorrect and that made me so angry. They didn't listen during our long presentation to the committee because if they had, they'd understand what it is we do. We were very clear and articulate (they told us so) but to see what is written was maddening. On Monday, I'll have to inform my Board of Directors and I'm sure they'll want me to do some follow up to correct the misconceptions of what is written and obviously what they have decided we do. Wish me luck! They will not be happy at all. Discouraged for sure.

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