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April 30, 2017

Ouch ....


I wake up every morning in pain and it's really starting to make me mad. I have an issue with both my hips and this means pain on waking, pain after sitting, pain when bending and pain while even sleeping. Makes for one very tired mama. I tolerate pain but this in way too intense

Heat helps so I start with a hot shower each day and a dose of ibuprofen. My dh heats up my rice bags and those help a bit as well. Once our art studio is all done and we can put our Bow Flex back together, I'll get back to using that  each day to stretch out the muscles. Our yoga classes were postponed while our teacher moves to a new location and that was really helping. So yesterday I dug out the dvd we used to use and we'll will start again tomorrow with this very valuable, comforting and healing practice. Wish me luck that this gets better very soon.

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