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December 31, 2016

A Princess Gift.

I love buying gifts for our grandbabies but
its harder to figure out what to get for our
little granddaughter. She is really into Super
Heroes but also loves "girly" things. And
mom and dad are very conscious of the
environment, as are we ~ raised them well!
So trying to find something that she'll love,
keep her busy, get her to use her creativity
and being mindful of the world around us,
can be challenging. I was so excited to find
this set for her! We have bought a lot of
Plan Toys for our centre because of how
they are made, the materials and play value.
Here's the set looked like before we wrapped.

I'm happy to report she was very excited to open
this gift at Christmas, carefully unwrapping each
piece (they are all wrapped in small paper bags)
and putting together her own version of the castle.
Everyone played along with her and her giggles
were quite infectious! A perfect investment.

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