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December 23, 2016

Our Little Path.

We have lived with dirt and mud for the
last year but not long after we moved in,
we found these lovely Celtic designed
stepping stones ~ hard to see with the
snow on them. They look like this:

We did encounter a problem over the
wet and rainy summer this year. It
turns out, placing the stones on dirt
makes for a very slippery path when
the rain soaks the Earth. So we had to
find a solution as the stones are used
at both the front of our house and in
our back garden. We ended up buying
loads of gravel. It was a big job to
hand shovel all the way down the
windy path but we did it! Just in time
for Halloween and I'm so glad, as the
day before, we had quite a bit of rain.
Our little guests didn't slip and slide,
and now in the snow, the stones show
the bath for all to walk on. We added a
few solar lights to give some energy
to the path when it's dark out. Love it!


Anne in the kitchen said...

That is quite beautiful!

Chy said...

Thank you Anne! We're happy with the look so far, even though it was back breaking work! But worth the time and effort for a safe path that is now not slippery and wet.