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December 31, 2016

Date Night.

My dh was recently in a theatre
production and on the final night,
after the curtain closed, we all
went out for dinner. Technically,
it was supposed to be our "date
night" but we were happy to share
it with our theatre friends. Great
company, laughs and amazing food.

My typical ginger ale, as I knew I'd be
the designated driver. Love they know
me well enough to give me both a lime
and a lemon to add to my drink.

An amazing strawberry salad (this is the house
salad) and a sandwich they made me for me
because I can't eat many things on the menu.
This was a roasted chicken with brie, bacon,
spinach and cranberry on a ciabatta bun. It is
 scrumptious and I'm thankful for the chef. 

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