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December 31, 2016

Tiny Stocking.

We decided this year to look for new stockings.
Our old ones were getting pretty ratty. I began
searching as soon as the stores started carrying
Christmas items but had no success. Part of the
issue is how many we needed and that we wanted
something that looked truly vintage or Victorian.

About a week before Christmas, we found a
great sale and couldn't believe our good luck
when the stock was plentiful. Not only did we
end up with enough stockings for each of us, 
we also were able to buy extras for future
spouses/partners/kids. And we found little
tiny stockings for each of our babies who are
with us in heart but reside in Heaven. We
chose 2 colors, our favorites ~ green and
purple. You can see how soft these stockings
are and with the addition of some lace, we
are so happy with the look. The price? Can
 you believe all in, we paid just $60 for 20?
We couldn't either! Start the car!!

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