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December 31, 2016

Finally, Home.

 Since moving to our new home, we have
resisted the temptation to hang art work
and curtains. Partly because we were very
certain the walls only had one coat of paint.

After consulting with the painter, our builder and
a friend who is a painter, all agreed that somehow,
the top coat was missed. I'm not sure how that really
could happen but just happy in the end, we were right.

So as each room is now painted one more time, 
we have begun to hang art work and curtains.

Once the season is done and the garland comes
down, we'll be making boxes for the tops of the
curtains, with molding on the top and bottoms.
I can't wait for that to be done, More patience!

Now it feels like we are finally home, as
each room becomes cozier and homey.
It's been quite the journey and I'm amazed
at how patient we have been. Worth it!

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