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December 31, 2016

Final Shopping.

I have truly, never in my life, you may
not believe, not shopped the day before
Christmas Eve. But this year, I woke up 
that morning feeling a cold was brewing.

That is how I found myself at the grocery
store on the 23rd of December. I was a
bit worried that there would be lineups
but it was very quiet and I was in and out.

A staff member told me that by lunch,
there would be long line ups. Glad I
drove into town mid morning. It was
a lovely snowy drive but worth it. In
my shopping basket, ingredients for a
soothing soup, dip for New Year's, more
oranges for Christmas morning, pickles
for Christmas dinner, cheese buns for
soup, lemonade for a festive punch
and a lemon for my sore throat. Yum.

The beginnings of a hearty soup. Our
house smelled heavenly all afternoon.

Cheesy broccoli soup carrots, onions
and a very tasty chicken broth.

Blended and simmering. I truly couldn't
wait to curl up with a book and my soup.

The finished product. My dh asked for some with
dinner and he loved it too. On our list for future meals.

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