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March 21, 2016

Not quite Spring!

 It's my day off from work today. I love having Sundays
with my family and then a day on Monday all to myself.
It's often a day filled with tasks I want to accomplish, a
time to "centre" myself for the week and some fun too.

Today I went over to our income property to paint more
walls, got gas for the car and came home to make a big
pot of homemade soup with biscuits. Soup on the first
day of Spring, you ask? Why yes, I reply! Because we
woke up to snow today and as of this afternoon, we are
now under a "Heavy Snowfall Warning". A very
interesting twist to our warm and snow free Winter!
My task of taking down the Peace frame and put away
Father Christmas and the other small ornaments in our
front hall did not in fact take place. Maybe tomorrow!

Did you get a beautiful Spring day today?
Or are you under a Heavy Snowfall Warning?

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