About Me

March 4, 2016

Cozy Corner.

I have the pleasure of having a
number of office spaces. One for
my hospice work, another one for my
preschool work, one for our keeping our 
family functioning and one for my writing.
Each has a purpose and each is different.

This is my office space at the hospice.

An ancient building on a quiet
residential, tree lined street.

My big banker's desk with sunlight on bright
days and lamplight on hazy, gloomy days.

Bookcase to hold my resources for
grieving children, teens and families.

My filing cabinet to hold confidential
files and extra tools and resources.

I love the landscape outside my window.
Beautiful vintage houses and huge trees
that reach for the blue sky. Incredible shade
in the summer and pretty leaves in the fall.

Where do you do your best work?
Do you have more than one office space?


Anne in the kitchen said...

It's funny. I have my own dedicated home office, but ti seems I use the kitchen table as my office most of the time. I like the sunlight there much better than the office.

Chy said...

I sometimes use our couch as my "office" especially on days when it's snowy and I want to be nice and cozy!