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March 1, 2016

Curly Curls.

Though I'm not 100% healthy right now, I had a commitment to attend a dinner party last night with my staff and Board of Directors. I spent time resting, had a long, hot shower and then took a few minutes to curl my hair. What a difference it makes to do this one small task that changes my whole look. The dinner was amazing, the food scrumptious, the service excellent and a grand time was had by all. And everyone played with my hair. Silly people! I can see the appeal. Today, I'm back on the couch, surrounded by warm blankets and fluffy pillows. I have a goal to be better so I can go to work on Thursday. For now, I'm on a regime of advil, Cold FX and extra Vitamin D. A tv to amuse me and this afternoon, warm sunshine to brighten the day. Time for a nap!

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