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March 20, 2016

Bathtub Views.

Love our shower but I'm still a fan
of hot, warm, bubbly baths to relax. 

Our tiles turned out to be just the 
right color for this cozy space.

I can see the tv from my warm spot!

Bubbles everywhere!!

The frosted window our builder surprised us
with. A lovely gift that brings light to our space.

And he added an extra arch above the tub.

Sparkly tiny chandelier ~ gives us the perfect
amount of light without being over powering.

What's your view from your bathtub?
Feel free to share in the comments.


Penny said...

I am strictly a shower girl Chy, I rarely bathe. Your bathroom looks like such a good place to relax. X

Chy said...

I love my showers ~ quick and wakes me up! But a lovely tub bath is great every once in a while, especially when I don't have to hurry! X