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March 9, 2016

My Slow Poke Day.

I'm a fairly active individual who has a great "to do" list each day and many tasks sitting in the wings to tackle. I get up, have my shower and off I go. I love crossing items off my list and often have expressed how hard it is for me to take time off or just sit. I'm getting better all the time but I'm still a task oriented kind of guy. 

But every once in a while, I encounter a day like today, where my body and my mind, hey, even my soul are moving very, very slowly! A slow poke kind of day! 

We've had three days of fog and cooler weather and that has slowed me down a bit. The sun is finally out today but my body has declared a limit to my movements, so in slow motion, I go. My list is manageable but at 10:48 a.m., I'm no where near to where I'd normally be. Ugh.

To be fair, here's what I did accomplish before I came in to work, just in case you thought I was so slacking off that the bed didn't even get made!!

* woke up 10 minutes earlier 
* warm shower to wash my hair 
* made the bed and gathered the laundry
* opened the blinds and tidied my desk
* made my lunch and took out the compost
* stopped at our old house to put out the
garbage bins and the recycling for pick up
* dropped my dd off at work and came in
to answer phone messages and get the mail
* drove to work and set up for the day
* met my dh who came to move our grandson's
carseat from my car over to his for pick up

Other than writing grants today (my mind is clearly not there!) and making some plans and setting some dates for future events, I'm just hanging out until it's time to pick up my mom to take her to a medical appointment. 

Why this slowdown? No idea, other than in the last month, we've been very busy renovating our other house for new tenants (done) and doing deadline projects like buying our RRSP's for the year (done), completing our taxes before the April 30th deadline (done), setting up appointments with landscapers (done), doctor's appointments (done), submitting health claims (done), meeting with our current house contractors (done), re-organizing our bills at home (done) and making some changes to our decorating (done), it's not been an unusually busy or stressful time. Maybe I'm just still catching up from the nasty cold I've been battling for the last few weeks. It's hanging on but I'm able to keep going. Perhaps it's trying to tell me to slow down! After my mom's appointment today, I can go home early and cozy up on the couch. Dh is at the studio tonight recording sound for a project, so he's going to simmer a big pot of homemade soup for me to sip all night, while I watch recorded programs that I've been waiting to see. Looking forward to a little R n R! Hoping the soup clears up this cold. I'm kind of done with feeling achy and congested.

For now, I just plug along, knowing in a day or two my energy will pick up again and off I go! Turtle pace must have a reason for slowing me down. So I'll take the cue and let it guide me for the rest of this slow poke day.

How is your day going?
Are you in slow poke mode or fast paced?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Enjoy the slow paced day. They happen rarely so we might as well indulge

Chy said...

I'm starting to perk up and enjoy the quiet of this slow day!

Penny said...

Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and rest. Hope you are feeling much better now X

Chy said...

All better now Penny! It took a while but feeling really good now. Thanks for your good wishes. X