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March 28, 2016

Does Your Blog ....

.... have an actual purpose? Tough question, isn't it?! I'm on a break now from work, finishing last Thursday and not going back until Thursday, April 7th. Two weeks of finishing up our income property, completing the renovations on my counselling office, sending in our income taxes (April 30th deadline) and taking some time for self~reflection on a number of areas I'd like to improve on. I feel happy in my life and have no issues to really tackle. But I am wanting to still make some areas more intentional, revealing more of who I really am in every day life. The nitty gritty, the real stuff!

So that bring me back to my query. Does your blog have an actual purpose? Some bloggers write to share their life, others for income, some to capture and document their decorating talents, or gardening or baking or knitting or sewing, and a few who use it as a place to vent. As I read blogs on a daily basis, the ones I have categorized under "My Blogging Buddies" and some I look for to add to my stash or as a one time read, it struck me how some are so similar and some are so different. And that created my question for me, which is how I ended up throwing it out to you, to the universe, to who ever is out there, reading away in Blogland.

To answer my own question, I'd have to say I originally started my blog as a way to document life. I could see the value in writing about every day. I wanted a spot to capture and share moments. A place to occasionally vent when life is hard. Or gush when it's extra special. I promised myself I would never share something that was embellished or untruthful. I'm careful to not reveal too much detail, so my family has some degree of privacy. I love meeting the few bloggers I have online. Someday, maybe we'll meet in person! For now, I share my love of home, family, writing, reading, art and the transformation of my little dollhouse. I'm learning to garden, grow plants indoors, be a better writer, take more time for myself now that my career is established and the kids are grown, and always working on being the best wife I can be in an equal partnership that has no dominance on either side. Is any of it worth reading? I don't generate a lot of comments, but I do get a fair bit of traffic on posts. I'm pushing myself to write a certain number of posts each month to get in to a better routine of writing. I started a book and get back to it on occasion but know it will never get published if I dilly dally along. So daily writing is now part of this hippy mama's life. Just part of the process.

Dear readers, there is my query for the day. I hope you'll take a moment to comment and share how and why you've chosen to blog at this time in your life .... or send me an email if you'd like your thoughts to be more private. Looking forward to learn how and why others have chosen this unique writing style for capturing life. 

Does your blog have an actual purpose?
Has your original intent with your blog changed?


Penny said...

Hi Chy. I don't know if my blog has any purpose, but it does have meaning, to me anyway, as a place to gather memories,thoughts and ideas that I would like to share with others, if they care to read. Now that I have been blogging forma couple of years, I know I would miss it if I stopped, even though I sometimes (often!) struggle to find time to compose posts X

Anne in the kitchen said...

I originally started my blog to share recipes with my real life 3d family and friends, since people always asked me how to make whatever I was making. It evolved somewhat and I still share recipes, but sometimes vent or just share life. Since it began I have furthered my reach a tad and find myself getting to know a bit about the lives of people behind the blogs I read regularly.

Chy said...

I love your blog Penny. Don't ever stop sharing your life!!

Chy said...

I love why you started your blog Anne. And how it's grown. Thank you for sharing!