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March 21, 2016

Winter Sunset.

Well with our weather warnings (Heavy Snowfall) and my recent pictures to show you what Winter looked like at our Little House in the Big Woods this year, I feel I am to blame for inducing one last blast of the white stuff. So in the spirit of "oops", here's a shot I took back in January of the sun going down on a cold Winter's day. Just a snippet of the sun as it starts to disappear behind the house, peaking through the railings of our front veranda. Blue sky that within moments would begin to darken and the stars would soon appear. Such a different sky out here at night. We will truly never grow tired of looking up and seeing bright, twinkling stars and big planets illuminated in the sky. I may share a picture later of the current snow accumulation but I'll wait until the snow actually stops!

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Wilfred Andrews said...

What would I do to swap my boring view with your idealistic one? I am a keen photographer so would be in my element to capture the snowfall. The thought of being within beautiful woods instead of my housing estate sounds perfect. This year I might treat my wife and kids to a break away to a cottage in the woods.

Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating