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March 28, 2016

Our Easter Miracle.

On Friday, my dh flew out to the coast to help 
our younger son move home with his family. 
After three years, they were finding it too hard 
on their budget and wanted to be closer to our
family. We are thrilled and look forward to seeing
our little granddaughter grow up in real instead 
of on Skype.She's precious and sweet and so 
much fun as this age. A true dream for all of us.

He landed, son picked him up, they went and got the
truck, older brother arrived and together they packed
up their home and life. Out to the pub for a goodbye
drink as older brother and his family will stay on the
coast and then off to bed for an early morning. They
were up early and drove to the mountains on Saturday.
Up early again on Sunday and by lunchtime, they were
all home, safe and sound, with all their gear in tow.

Our younger daughter and grandson came along 
for the ride with me. We brought Easter muffins 
and pussy willows. It took a few hours to unload 
their stuff but much faster then we all anticipated. 
Then home we came to a warm Easter dinner. A 
miracle for us this special weekend as they were 
quite certain they would never be back but here 
they are. Back in our lives for real, safe and sound!

How was your Easter weekend?
Any little miracles in your life?

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