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September 30, 2015

Worries ....

On top of a full moon, this week has been a
week of worries. So many things to sort through.
I don't even know where to start to get it laid
out so I can start with one worry and fix it.

Worrying makes me anxious and tired. I just
want to sleep and not wake up without a knot
in my stomach. Where is the worry fairy, who,
with a wave of her wand, could take it all away??

What kinds of things do you worry about?
How do you cope when worry becomes so big?


Penny said...

So sorry to hear you are having a worrying week. If my worries or stressors start getting me down, I try to tackle the thing that is worrying me the most, first. If I get that dealt with, the other things seem a bit more manageable. x

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. I feel a bit better today and have started a list with what needs to be tackled. I think a number of things just piled up all at once. Too much but I'm on it today!!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Wishing you peace from your worries. I wish I had to magic solution to keep everyone form worrying. I tend to compartmentalize things, but sometimes you just get knocked over and are consumed with worry.

Chy said...

Thank you Anne for your sweet worries. They never go away but laying them out and creating a plan of attack has helped for sure.