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September 4, 2015


When I packed this box last fall, I walked away to do
another task, then couldn't remember what was inside.

My sarcastic side ~ always witty.

Finally opened it today after many guesses
of what could possibly be inside.

And what was inside? This sweetie!

My favorite woven heart & a shell from the sea.

Earthy & fragrant pieces for our bookshelves & pots.

My tiny bunny.

A "pregnant" bear.

And the color inspiration for our entire house: 
light lavender, sage green, pink & ivory.


Delia West said...

aahh such a sweet idea, dee :-)

Penny said...

I think I remember you writing about this when you packed up that box! I am so glad it turned out to be pretty things inside, and not tea rowels or something boring! X